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Clara Ines Zapata  Rodriguez

Connected from a young age to dreams due to natural in tune and spontaneous psyche at that age; then started to integrate all her studies going deep in all of them through research and experience. Clara has an innate ability about knowing and understanding the core of human being and their relationships.

Clara Life Consultant started in her 20s helping others to overcome emotional crises, self-knowledge, increase awareness, improve their mental and emotional health using homeopathy, and currently through astrology, dreams and art.

Clara has published ten books and is currently working others to be publish soon.

Art and writing not only has been a soul journey to self-discover inner worlds as

a way to have a connection with dreams through painting, craft and eurythmic movements.


​​Biographical painting with watercolours has let see her a new visions of specific moment of life. Connecting with higher sources and insights.

Planetary painting: exploring forces on cosmic or personal level.

Work inner child through writing and illustrating, mythology, fairy tales or stories.

Consultations can be individual, groups or institutions with specific needs.

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