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Harish Davda

Harish Davda is an Enneagram and Conscious Business Coach and offers Coaching and Training to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. His coaching and training are tailored to achieve personal and business transformation as well as manifesting clearly defined success in business.


In the past Harish has delivered Management Training to a variety of clients including corporate, SMEs and the self-employed. Harish has worked in the UK, other parts of Europe, and the Middle East.


Harish holds a BA (Hon) from University of Lancaster, Cert.Ed. from University of Leeds and an MBA from Open University Business School. In addition, Harish is an NLP Practitioner, Journey Therapist and an Enneagram Practitioner. His training in Enneagram was in the US at The Enneagram Institute with scholars including Russ Hudson and Gayle Scott.

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