A conscious business is one which uses a specific model to include.......


  1. Clarity about the purpose of the business at a deep level. 2. Setting intentions based on deep inspirations. 3. Clarity about what the founder becomes while running the business. 4. Providing services based on clearly defined principles. 5. Ways of manifesting success in the business. 6. Taking success further so that the founder becomes free and be of service to others. 


For some clients I may recommend an Enneagram Test.


A tailored coaching programme will be recommended for each client. Fees are flexible depending on the size of business you run. 


4-6 coaching sessions over a period of 3-4 months are sufficient for most clients. At the end of each coaching session, the client will get a clearly defined action plan.


Fees from £80 per session (1 hour 10 minutes)