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Natasha French

Personalised Makeover Services


Make-up advice and tutorials, provided by internationally published Makeup Artist, Natasha French.


These inspiring tutorials are personalised, enabling you to define your own personal style.


"Knowing that your make-up skills are making you look great is invaluable"


If you are thinking of breathing new life into your hair and make-up styling, Natasha can help.


What to expect ...


A one-on-one session usually lasts 2 - 2.5 hrs. During your time together, Natasha will go through your current make-up and routine, talk through colours and different products that suit your skin tone, skin type and facial features. 


She will also show you professional techniques, tips and cheats to apply your own make-up with confidence, empowering YOU to re-create a new make-up ‘look’ that you feel confident applying on your own and suits your own individual image and lifestyle. 

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