At a time where many occasions we have physically traveled to various places for pleasure, work, leisure or different reasons, we are in a time where there are other ways of traveling from within. We can make connections, encounters, solve personal dilemmas, create, receive information to write, get to know other worlds from where we can activate new senses that will help us remember, enjoy and sometimes learn new ways of traveling such as dreams.


Each person chooses where they want to go within this modality of traveling through dreams, with their own or suggested maps, taking advantage of cosmic moments of tuning and synchronization to new information that begins to manifest to connect to everyday reality in moments where our intuition will be final to choose paths, places, relationships and experiences.


Imagine traveling to a place that will offer you possibilities of self-knowledge where you will be your own guide and choose where you want to go ... there will be many destinations and all will correspond to your needs with forms of communication and messages to better understand and create your own reality.

Viaje en Umbral de Sueños | Paperback