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Cory.J Balance | Mental Wellbeing Coaching Services
& Holistic Wellbeing Workshops 

CJB is a small independent business situated in the sunny heart of Eastbourne. We specialize in providing tailored services in mental wellbeing coaching and holistic wellbeing workshops. Our services cater to both businesses and individuals, aiming to equip clients and participants with essential tools and support to navigate through mental and emotional challenges while fostering the development of effective coping strategies. We take a person-centered approach, recognising that everyone is unique, and their journey towards wellbeing and success is deeply personal.


During all initial consultations, we offer the opportunity to assess your specific needs, guaranteeing that the support we deliver is perfectly tailored to your personal or business needs.


We are dedicated to upholding high standards and committed to our company's values. We place utmost importance on creating a secure and nurturing space as we collaborate with our clients to help them reach their goals.


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