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A TARJETA Cory Clamp 2-02.jpg
A TARJETA Cory Clamp 2-02.jpg

Hey There

The symbolism and inspiration behind the Cory.J Balance logo incorporate elements from the natural world and human psychology to convey a sense of balance, harmony, authenticity, self-empowerment, and detachment, which are core principles of our brand. 


The Cat Inspiration: The logo is inspired by the cat, which represents qualities such as balance, harmony, and flexibility - all attributes that are aligned with the brand's pillars. 


The Spiral Symbolism: The spiral in the logo symbolizes change and growth in life's journey. It represents the potential for transformation and the ability to overcome challenges and current situations.


The Mandala Significance: The mandala, often seen as a symbol of the universe and the cycle of life, is used to represent the process of self-discovery. It signifies a journey that moves from suffering and pain to a state of joy, peace, and happiness. 


The CJB logo conveys a message of personal growth, transformation, and achieving a state of balance and well-being. It's a representation of the values and principles that Cory.J Balance stands for.

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