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What is Mental Health Coaching?

Mental health coaching provides clients with the tools and support to navigate their mental health challenges and develop coping strategies. It is important to note that it is not a substitute for therapy or clinical treatment, but rather focuses on providing support and tools to promote overall mental well-being. Mental health coaching is about self-awareness, mental resilience, and healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Who is Mental Health Coaching for?

  • For individuals with mild to moderate mental health challenges. This includes conditions like:  Mild depression, anxiety, OCD,PTSD, ADHD, phobias.

  • For individuals who have previously undergone therapy and seek ongoing support.

  • For individuals seeking emotional regulation and regular check-ins.

  • For individuals who are self-aware and wish to proactively manage their mental well-being.

  • For individuals  wanting toolkit resources, coping mechanisms  skills, and want to develop a positive mindset.

What does a Mental Health Coach do?

A mental health coach is a professional who specializes in helping individuals enhance their mental well-being and emotional health. Mental health coaches empower clients by providing them with tools, techniques, and strategies to take control of their mental well-being. They encourage clients to become active participants in their mental health journey.

MHC Vs. Counselling & Therapy

It's common to mix up the roles of a mental health coach, counsellor, or therapist. MHC incorporate principles and insights from counselling and therapy, but they have distinct differences. A mental health coach concentrates on your existing circumstances and, using this foundation, develops strategies for the future. In contrast, therapy and counselling often delve into your past experiences to address current challenges and concerns. While a mental health coach acknowledges your history, the primary emphasis remains on the present and future in mental health coaching.

Is it possible to receive various forms of support simultaneously while engaging in MH Coaching?

Yes, MHC is often used as a complementary approach to support individuals in maintaining and enhancing their mental well-being, building mental resilience, and achieving a higher quality of life. Individuals experiencing mental health problems can often receive multiple forms of support simultaneously. Mental health support is not limited to a single approach or type of intervention, and a comprehensive approach often involves a combination of different forms of support.

Seeking professional help

If the client's requirements extend beyond the coaching scope, it may become essential to recommend them to an appropriate mental health specialist.We offer assistance and guidance in the search for suitable mental health professionals or resources when necessary.

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