Corinna Clamp
Corinna Clamp
Founder & Director of Cory.J Balance Limited
ICF Trained Coach | Personal Development Coach

Life is a journey that we cannot control but rather that we learn to go through. I found myself standing at a crossroads in my early thirties where I had to make important & crucial choices. I learned a new way of thinking, behaving & living through therapy, I discovered the value of living a balanced life as well as the meaning of quality of life. I would say this was the beginning of my desire to create Cory.J Balance – a place that offers different channels of support, whether it’s through therapy, coaching, astrology, or wellness events. The aim of CJB is to connect individuals who are looking for support with experienced professionals from different disciplines of wellness. We are all unique - we learn, heal & grow differently, CJB offers the opportunity to explore different channels for individuals who are trying to incorporate balance and wellbeing in their life-areas. My north became very clear and since then I have continuously worked towards that direction. My journey creating CJB led me to start a BSc degree in Psychology in addition to becoming an ICF trained Personal Development Coach.


I am passionate about supporting individuals in their life journey through a holistic approach, my sessions are carefully designed with the aim to create a safe & relaxing environment for my clients. Coaching is a powerful approach to use if you are feeling static or blocked in any given area of your life. Coaching is non-intrusive and very effective in achieving results, I work in partnership with my clients through thought-provoking questions and self-reflection, this cognitive process is a space where my clients can get those tangled thoughts straightened out, gain self-awareness, and empower themselves in how they live their life. Ultimately, we all have the answers we seek inside of us, as a coach my job is to support individuals in their self-discovery journey.


If you think coaching is something you will benefit from, I invite you to book an initial 15-minute free consultation with me. It's a great opportunity to ask questions, learn about my services, and decide if you think I am the right coach for you and your situation. I am here to support in any way I can so please get in touch, I would love to hear from you and see how I can assist in your life journey.