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Karis Bunney

​Mind-Body Balance Workshop Facilitator 

Yoga Teacher & Sound Therapist 

Karis is a Mind-Body Balance workshop facilitator, Hatha yoga teacher and Sound therapist. With over 15 years of experience in the wellness industry, spanning across Asia, South America and Europe, her varied experience has led to the creation of her unique therapy techniques.


Using a combination of self created sounds, yoga, nervous system regulation, guided breath work, intention setting and self care tools, Karis has put together a set of workshops that encourage participants to bring more awareness to the balance between mind, body and spirit. Karis' workshops are not only deeply restorative and energy boosting but also effective in creating positive behavioural changes.

Karis is an experienced events facilitator, having spent 15 years traveling across Brazil, Peru and India offering community based yoga and sound workshops. Most recently Karis' workshops have evolved to include her work on trauma release, with a particular interest in transgenerational trauma and her ongoing studies of Family Constellations Therapy. Karis continues her mission to share her passion for the power of sound and movement  combined, with simple tips and tools for positive mind & body awareness and the aim of making this information accessible to all.

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